Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ties That Bind - Fanart Contest

Update: After receiving a well-worded request, we have extended the deadline one week! New deadline is January 2nd!

Hey, gang! We've got a ton of stuff to give away, so we're holding a fanart contest! Wooooo! We know a lot of you have some seriously great talents, and we want to show you off, and give you cool stuff in the process. Here are the things we're giving away:

Art prints and posters. They look good on your wall. They look GREAT on your ceiling.

Issue #01 of Ties That Bind. (Micah not included.)

Anime posters from shows we're in. YEAAAH!
Rules are as follows:
1.) All entries must be artwork of one or more characters from Ties That Bind.
2.) Each person is allowed up to two (2) entries. If you collaborate with someone, that counts as one (1) entry from you.
3.) Collaborations are allowed, but only one prize will be given if you win. You'll have to figure out how to split it.
4.) The type of fanart is up to you. Draw it in Paint? That's fine! Make Sky out of macaroni art on construction paper and email us a photo? Also fine!
5.) Rating for your piece should be no higher than PG-13. We don't want to have to censor your masterpiece, and Painapple Teriyaki's site is meant to be inclusive.
6.) The last day to submit art is December 26th. January 2nd. Winners will be announced in January after the fan favorite voting has completed.
7.) Email your submission to hellopainapple@gmail.com

1.) There will be three grand prize winners: Fan Favorite, Micah's Pick, and Ayu's Pick. Fan Favorite will be determined by popular vote held for a week after all submissions are received.
2.) Secondary prize winners will be selected from twitter RTs, facebook shares, and second place in the Fan Favorite contest.

Grand Prize Pack:
1.) Painapple Teriyaki prints and posters. (4)
2.) Ties That Bind Issue #01.
3.) Posters for Level E, A Certain Magical Index, Shakugan no Shana, and Deadman Wonderland.
4.) Art booklet from Fafner: Heaven and Earth.

Secondary Prize Pack:
1.) Painapple Teriyaki Prints. (2)
2.) Postcards for A Certain Magical Index, and Shangri La